Whether you are opting for wireless headsets or the standard corded ones, opting for a well reputed brand carries importance. Low standard brands do have less cost but in terms of quality, they are quite disappointing. This is where Jabra is a much better brand. In terms of quality, it is hard to get hold of a brand that is as good as Jabra.
Jabra Go 6430

The Jabra Go 6430headset for office use
Jabra 6430 is one of the finest Bluetooth headsets. In addition to that, it is highly recommended for office use as it has the following features.
Single headset for all devices
It is hard to manage multiple headsets at a time. If you communicate through desk phones, smart phones and PC based soft phone applications, you would need an individual headset for each of these devices. However, with the Jabra Go 6430, this is definitely not the case and the same headset can be used to receive calls from multiple devices.
  • For office going people, handling multiple headsets at the same time can prove to be a problem. These people have tough schedules and using multiple headsets can prove to be a problem for them. With the Jabra Go 6430, things become quite compatible for the user and he can handle all his calls with a single device.
  • People working in the corporate industry have a tough schedule and they look for headset that is compatible with multiple devices. With the Jabra Go 6430, you can handle all your calls with one headset.

Handle calls while being at a distance
While being at work, you would not be close to your smart phone at all times. For corporate professionals, receiving calls at the right time is very important. The Jabra Go 6430 is quite helpful in this relation as it allows you to receive and dial calls while being at a distance from the paired device.
  • With the 9430, you can handle your calls remotely and the need to being close to the paired device at all times is not there. Along with that, the call quality does not drop when you are not present at your desk.

Wireless connectivity that stands out
Getting a wireless headset with quality Bluetooth connectivity is not an easy task. Jabra Go 6430 is surely one of the headsets that fulfill this requirement. This headset comes with a wireless range of 300 feet which is amazing.
  • If you are using the GO 6430 USB headset, things would become quite easy for you. Considering the wireless range that this headset has, the user can easily entertain calls when he is not present at his desk. While being at work, this is quite common and the user is not present at his desk at all times. The GO 6430 makes it quite easy for the user to take calls while attending meeting sessions and conferences. This headset by Jabra offers state of the art wireless connectivity to the user.
Source: https://www.goheadsets.com/


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