Jabra BIZ 2400 II UNC Why It Good For Noisy Environment

Jabra corporation was found on 3 January 1993 and it developed the first in-ear integrated speaker and microphone. It then started developing other technologies which included noise cancelling headphones, and to tune headset over-the-air.

Noise cancelling headphones are the headphones which can be used in noisy environments to avoid extra background noise and focus on one’s work or talk and listen to music without being disturbed.

It can help someone listen to music at a high volume or even at low while cancelling all the other surrounding noises or can help a passenger on a plane or somewhere sleep peacefully.

Jabra BIZ 2400 II cancels the noise not only in the headphones but also is built specially to focus only on the nearby sounds clear instead of capturing all the background noises.
This is a rare feature which is not in a lot of headphones. It makes a conversation possible even in the noisiest environment and the customers or the other party can hear you clearly all the time by cancelling all the extra noises in the background. At times where there is not much noise and you do not want to use its that feature, you can easily remove it from noise cancelling mode.

It also features HD voice feature for the noisy environments so you can hear the voice clearly in any kind of environments. It enhances the quality of sound so you do not have any disturbance while listening to the other party. Specially designed “air shock” cancels all the extra noises like heavy breathing and popping sounds from the sound that you’re hearing. There is a lot of difference in HD voice speakers and non-HD speakers and it can be easily noticed while listening to them.


Jabra BIZ 2400 II has a special design which was specially built for contact centres where a lot of unwanted noise can be heard but they can still help you and the other person talk clearly. Also, they can be used for a long period of time and you would not need to replace them after sometime. They would keep working with the same efficiency for a long time.

It has reinforced cord which can withstand the environment. It does not get easily damaged by the sharp objects and the office wheelchairs.

Boom arm can be easily rotated 360 degrees without any risk of breaking. This is called free spin and it is not offered in a lot of headphones from other companies. Even If they do start telling you that it is a free spin, yet after sometime the boom arm breaks and then you have to replace the headphones and spend money again unnecessarily.


It is really lightweight due to which it doesn’t make you feel like as if you have a lot of burden on your head and you can work freely. It is 40% lighter than other headphones which come from the same or other companies. And the free spin helps you get your headphones in the position that you’re comfortable in and lets you talk with the most comfort possible.

The control unit helps your mute your calls, change the volume and do more stuff easily. Peak stop filters out all the loud noises above 180 dB and doesn’t let them reach your ears so you can only focus on the important stuff being said by the other party. Leather made head and ear cushions which help you talk with the most comfort possible.

It had many of these features which make it the perfect for a person to use them for long international calls or for just receiving normal orders from their customers via calls. They can find their place anywhere ranging from a top brand call centre to a fast food shop where you can hear a lot of sounds and cannot focus on what the customer is saying over the call. 

You now don’t have to run around to find a spot where there is less noise behind or ask other to keep down so you can talk. Jabra BIZ 2400 II  helps you makes calls in comfort and with a lot of advancements in a comparatively low price.


Jabra is the only company so far that has featured peakstop in their headphones and made it simpler to talk without much of the disturbance. They have been producing headphones and microphones since 1993 and with this technology, they feel that the calls will be made easily now and the people working in call centres or the ones responsible for the calls will no longer have to hear all weird noises coming from the background of other parties.

Instead, now they can easily hear them clearly and talk more efficiently. Now they can finally focus on the conversation instead of always thinking that what is that squeaking sound coming from the behind. With this technology, you don’t only cancel the extra noises in your background but also in the background of the other party. It doesn’t let you hear all the extra heavy breathing or other disturbances which can interfere.

Free spin

Free spin lets you rotate the band arm up to 360 degrees so you can easily adjust the position of it without the risk of it breaking. You don’t anymore have to worry about the damage anymore while talking.

It happens very often that when it is not adjusted correctly, the other party at times can’t hear you clearly and you think before adjusting the mic about the damage that you can make while doing so. Free spin lets you talk freely and without thinking about any damage that you can possibly make.

A lot of other companies who offer free spin in their band arm often don’t make it of the quality that could take a lot of spins. And even though they say you can rotate it as much as you want and adjust it, yet it breaks after some time and you then have no other option except replacing it with new ones and moving on.

Reinforced Cord

Reinforced cords can survive in the harshest environments and can help you easily manage all the work. This happens quite frequently that you try to go away while still wearing the headphones and that gives a stretch to the cord and often, they get damaged from it. 

Also, the spinning chairs can be a risk to them and the sharp objects in an office around the desk can also damage the normal cords. Reinforced cords have been developed to survive in all these environments so you don’t have to worry a lot about them.

HD voice

HD voice feature doesn’t only let you deliver the voice in HD quality but also, it lets you receive the voice in HD quality too. Clear speech means a good impression on the other party but also you can make them have more interest in what you’ve got to say. No one ever wants to hear voices where there is a lot of disturbance in the background and one has to focus on every single word that the other person is saying distinctly. It creates a lot of problems and the other person then eventually ends up hanging up on you. 

It is therefore very important to talk with a clear voice and deliver your speech clearly. Also, hear them out in the first time as they also do not want to repeat everything twice or thrice so you could hear them.

HD voice helps you connect better with your customers and improve the call quality. The difference between HD voice and the normal voice can be easily determined. They deliver every word and speech in clear voice which can be heard distinguishingly while the normal voice doesn’t support any such features and you keep on hearing all the background noises.

Air Shock Microphone

Air shock microphone is sensitive microphones which help you cancel out all the extra noises from your side so your customer does not have any issues in hearing you and can build an interest in what you’ve got to say.

It cancels out all the extra sounds just like breathing sounds and other extras from the background.
It has been designed with many holes on and a foam layer on the inside which prevents the air shocks from disturbing the call quality.


Jabra BIZ 2400 is a lot convenient to be used for calling in noisy environments and even in the environments which are not so much noise but require clear calling system. They make a good impression and of course, the first impression is the last. 

If you own a call centre or work in an environment where you have to make a lot of important calls, then this is the right device for you. Devices like this can cost a lot to the people but Jabra BIZ 2400 II costs only $148 and lets you enjoy all of these brilliant features.

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