Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP

VK-40TB-IP Viking Electronics VoIP Ceiling Speaker with Talkback

Viking is a state of the art company that deals in a variety of communication devices. Some of its products include emergency phones, outdoor enclosures and ceiling speakers. The Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP is one of the finest ceiling speakers by all means.

Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP VoIP Ceiling Speaker

Here are some of the Key Features which the Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP Has.

State of the Art Noise Cancellation Feature

Even if you have a very powerful speaker, you would not be able to attain the required quality of sound if there is noise in the background. With the VK-40TB-IP, this should not be your area of worry. This is because the VK-40TB-IP has an extremely impressive noise cancellation feature. Hence, even if there is noise in the background, it would be eliminated with the help of this feature. As the VK-40TB-IP blocks background sounds, it can be installed in noisy places without any problem.

Quality Sound and Feature to Connect to Amplifier

If you compare the standard of a sound of VK-40TB-IP with the other speakers available, you would figure out that the VK-40TB-IP has a much higher quality level. In addition to that, as a user, if you want to enhance the quality of the sound, you can connect the VK-40TB-IP to an external amplifier as well.

Network control for speaker and microphone volume adjustments
It is very easy to adjust the volume of the microphone and speaker if you are using the VK-40TB-IP.  The volume adjustments for VK-40TB-IP can be made easily by using a network based wireless remote control.

Heavy Duty Back Box for Dust Protection

The performance of a ceiling speaker can decline majorly if it is exposed to dust and does not have any protection against it. Users of Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP do not have to go through this problem. This is because the VK-40TB-IP comes with a heavy duty back box. This back box prevents the dust particles from entering the speaker. As a result, the VK-40TB-IP works perfectly for a long time span.

Key Applications

There is no doubt that the VK-40TB-IP has exceptional features as a ceiling speaker. As a result, it can be used for various purposes including the following.

Provision of Background Sound

This is one of the many purposes that the VK-40TB-IP has. Due to the sound quality that it has, the VK-40TB-IP can be produced to provide background sound.

Announcements in Schools and Hospitals

In both schools and hospitals, announcements have to be made to gather children or call for staff. The VK-40TB-IP is a very good option as a ceiling speaker considering the sound quality that it has. The VK-40TB-IP has a good sound range and it can reach at a distance without any problem.  Announcements are done commonly in schools and hospitals. Considering the sound range and quality that the VK-40TB-IP has, it is a recommended option for such announcements. For instance, in a school, announcements are made to reach children standing at a distance. With the features that the VK-40TB-IP has, it can be used for this purpose.

In hospitals, announcements are made quite regularly to reach medical staff present in different areas. The VK-40TB-IP has a long range and announcements made using it can reach people standing at a distance without any problem. Along with that, VK-40TB-IP has impressive sound quality. Hence, even if someone is standing at a distance, he would be able to hear the announcement without any problem.

The Use of Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP in Retail Stores

In large sized retail stores, announcements are made to call for staff that is present at a distant location. For this purpose, a quality speaker with a good sound range is needed. The VK-40TB-IP is one of the most recommended ceiling speakers for this purpose. The VK-40TB-IP offers state of the art sound quality. Along with that, the range that it has makes it suitable for retail store announcements. The VK-40TB-IP is used commonly in retail stores.

Company Warranty by Viking

One of the best things about Viking is that all its products have proper company warranty. This increases the reliability of the product and customers develop a stronger level of trust in the company. The VK-40TB-IP is also backed by proper company warranty which helps customers in a lot of ways. For instance, if the VK-40TB-IP has any problem during the warranty time, customers can approach the company without any fear of additional payments. During the warranty tenure, customers can get both repairs and replacements without any extra payments. Viking is one of the very few companies that offer state of the art warranty support to its customers.

Customer Support that Makes the Difference

If you are a Viking customer, you do not need to get tensed or worried if you have any questions. If you have a query, the customer support team is there to assist you at all times. The support team of Viking is highly efficient and puts in the maximum possible efforts to help customers. If you have any problem with the Viking Electronics VK-40TB-IP, you can get high standard customer support by following an easy process.

If you think that you have an ambiguity with the VK-40TB-IP, you can get customer support by sending an email explaining the query that you have. As soon as your query is received, a support professional would look into your query and get back to you with the solution. Our support professionals do not make the customer wait for long durations. Apart from sending an email, you can start a live chat session with a support professional and discuss the problem that you are facing.


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