Plantronics EncorePro HW540

This is a customer service headset. It is from the Plantronics Company and is known as the EncorePro 540, Convertible (HW540). This headset is able to connect to a PC or also desk phone particularly with Plantronics audio processors as well as cables.

You can experience the no-compromise type of flexibility with the Plantronics EncorePro 540. The convertible design is able to give one a choice of choosing three wearing styles allowing personalized all-day comfort to occur and that without compromise of performance occurring.

You can simplify your headset inventory having a single model which serves multiple user preferences. The tuned wideband audio, as well as a custom noise-canceling type of microphone, is able to allow users to get outstanding call clarity when addressing the longer and more complex queries that occur nowadays. For these, you need to have a device that is good and will not cause any disturbance. Customer satisfaction is an important part of any business and this needs to be done right.
If you are interested to know more about this device then continue reading on.

Who is the Plantronics EncorePro HW540 good for?

If you are interested in this headset you should know that it is good for telephone-intensive users, such as formal customer care centers, telesales, plus help desks, along with customer service organizations. This is because of the features that it has which will work well for these people.

Some highlights of the Plantronics EncorePro HW540

Hearing protection - This device has SoundGuard technology. It is said to be acoustic limiting specifically for protection from sounds that are more than 118 dBA. When getting any headset it may be a better idea to get one that has hearing protection. You do not want to damage your ears. You may even need to wear this headset much during the day, therefore, it is better to get one that will be safe for your ears.

Audio performance - Audio performance is another important thing to consider when buying a headset. The performance needs to be of good quality. You will get wideband audio (this is up to 6,800 Hz). There is a noise-canceling microphone as well.

Weight - You need to know the weight of the headset that you buy so that you can know if it will be comfortable. The weight is Over-the-head 32g, and Behind-the-neck 24g, and Over-the-ear 22g.

Features and Specifications of the device:

Below are some features and specifications of the EncorePro 500 series.

● The HW540’s wearing style is said to be convertible.
● Customers have a choice consisting of three comfortable as well as easily switchable wearing styles. These include over-the-ear, behind-the-neck, and over-the-head. These are to serve the breadth specifically of user preferences. Therefore you can choose the one that will be the most comfortable for you to wear throughout the day.
● The device has an elegant, super-lightweight, along with robust design plus soft audio-optimized type of ear cushion that gives the user all-day comfort.
● This device can connect to your PC and desk phone specifically with Plantronics audio processors.
● It is good for those people who are telephone-intensive users.
● Next-generation custom microphone is able to limit background noise as well as interference. This ensures lesser missed words as well as a better caller experience. This is important for a business as they do not want to have dissatisfied customers, due to not being able to hear what is being said properly.
● The visual boom position guide is able to make it simple to have optimum mic placement.
● To be able to wear it comfortably throughout the day, the HW540 is adjustable fit.
● The Quick Disconnect feature is present to give easy disconnect or also reconnect capabilities as well as compatibility with every Plantronics USB, direct connect cables, along with desk phone audio processors.
● You can find flexible noise-canceling boom and voice tube models.
● The wideband audio claims to be up till 6,800 Hz.
● The SoundGuard technology is able to give acoustic limiting and that for protection from sounds over 118 dBA.
● The headset weights range from around 22 grams up to 74 grams. This depends on the wearing style that you choose.
● Cable length of the HW540 is said to be 2.8ft.

Things that you will get in the box:

You should know which items you will get when you buy this headset. This includes:

● The headset
● A Quick Start Guide
● A carrying pouch
● For over-the-ear models you will get two ear loops, one will be small and the other large.

The highlights of the above device include the three-way convertibility that allows one to have a choice in wearing styles. The soft and luxurious ear cushion lets users have all-day comfort whilst using this device. The visual boom positioning guide is another highlight. The wideband audio is beneficial for higher quality type of calls.


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